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SEO Resources & Tools

SEO Resources & Tools

Here are some of my favourite tools and SEO resources. If you think your piece of content/tool worth a spot, please reach out to me. Please make sure the tool is strictly SEO/data science-related.

As a general rule, I like to test the tools before recommending them to my audience. So, I’m unable to post tools that I don’t particularly find useful or unique.

Before you purchase any of the tools below, kindly read my disclosure.

Recommended Tools

Keyword Insights – A Clustering and keyword intent classification Tool by Snippet Digital

Keyword Mapper – By Charly Wargnier

Contentking App – By Steven van Vessum

Little warden – By Dom Hodgson

Google Entity Search aka interesting finds -By Valentin Pletzer

Google News topic url decoder -By Valentin Pletzer

SEOBrowse – By Yvo Schaap

SEO testing – By Nick Swan

thruuu Awesome SERP Analyzer – By Samuel Schmitt

Bigmetrics – By Craig

Schemaster – By Shay Ohayon

Schema App – By Schema App

Clearscope – By Bernard Huang

SERP Speed – By Reddico

MarketMuse – By MarketMuse

Frase – By Frase HQ

Sitebulb Crawler – By Patrick Hathaway

Screaming Frog – By Dan

Oncrawl – By OnCrawl

Ryte Crawler & Log Analyzer – By Ryte

JetOctopus – By Julia

Serpstat – By Serpstat

Knowledge Graph Search – By Carl Hendy

Sheets For Marketers – By Jake

Page inspector – By ZOMDir

SEO Tweets – By Adam Durrant

Page Title Length Testing Tool – By James McNulty

Domain Authority Checker Tool – By Loganix

Nozzle Rank Tracker – By Derek Perkins

RankSense – By Hamlet Batista (RIP my friend 💔)

Hreflang site map tool – by Erudite

Wattspeed FREE synthetic monitoring tool – By Wattspeed

TechnicalSEO Tools – By Max prin

JavaScript rendering check – By Eoghan

Makestories Web Story App – By Makestories – By Robin Allenson

Keywords in Sheets – By Andrew Charlton

SERPerator by MobileMoxieCindy Krum

WordLift – By Andrea Volpini

Recommended Resources

Learning SEO – Detailed SEO Roadmap – By Aleyda Solis

SEO Glossary & Reference GuideColin McDermott

State of Pagination in eCommerceOrit Mutznik

Internal Link Analysis with Python -By Justin

Increase organic traffic using keyword clusters – By Andy Chadwick

Partial IndexingTomek Rudzki

Unleash your faceted navigation – By Andy Chadwick

Optimizing Content in Category Pages – By Aleyda Solis

Massive list of curated SEO Tools – By Saijo George

Curated SEO tools collection – By Dean

SEO belt tools collection – By Sam Underwood

Machine learning to help your keyword research – By Andy Chadwick

Claire’s Guide to UTM Tagging – By Claire Carlile

SEO templates + guides – By Adam Loganix

The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript SEO – By Onely

Topic Clusters and Pillar Content – By Clearpivot

Launchpadpr – By Tom English

How to calculate your site’s true CTR – By Mike Richardson

Data Science SEO and Visualization collection – By Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR

4 New Edge SEO Capabilities with Shopify – By Dan Taylor

Free SEO Training For Businesses Affected By The Covid 19 – By Micheal

Topic Clusters Won’t Save YouSkyler Reeves

Your Complete Guide to Grow Search TrafficSam Underwood

Entity HQ: Harnessing High Impact Profile Pages for SEOCrystal Carter

How to build a Knowledge Panel for your name or brandGus Pelogia

Unlimited Google Search Console Keywords Through BigQuery – Data Studio Template – Mike Ginley

Importance of Topical Authority: A Semantic SEO Case Study By Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR

Search Console Performance DashboardNikki Halliwell

How to Work With Zero Search Volume KeywordsTory Lynne Gray