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With a passion for Search Experience Optimization (SXO), I leverage my expertise to help businesses, marketing agencies, and SaaS startups achieve organic growth.

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Suganthan Mohanadasan is a Norwegian Entrepreneur and an SXO consultant with over a decade of experience. He is the Co-founder of Snippet Digital - A UK-based SEO agency specialising in providing cutting-edge SEO solutions to companies.

Suganthan also co-founded Keyword Insights, an AI Topical SEO platform that powers some of the biggest global SEO agencies and brands, such as Amazon, eBay, IKEA, Dentsu (iProspect), Croud, Jellyfish, OMD, Builtvisible, Growthplay, eBay, Shopify,  WebFx, Forbes, WSJ, Teamwork, Paddypower, and hundreds of other agencies, SEO Professionals, and in-house teams.

Worked with industry-leading brands to deliver high-performing, impactful experiences for their customers.

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SXO Consulting

SXO is about creating a balanced strategy that considers both the technical aspects of SEO and the human element of user experience. By prioritising search engines and users, websites can achieve better visibility, higher engagement, and more conversions.

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The blog will offer valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to improve their online presence and grow their business through search experience optimisation.


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