Thanks for checking my  Re-brand story

Instead of posting a whole thread about it, I thought I'd try a new format...

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But, You just launched a new website a few months back...

Yes, correct. But, Let me explain why I decided to re-brand myself and move away from JAMSTACK!

JAMSTACK is awesome!

It's fast, next-generation etc But, it's difficult to maintain without big budgets. Especially if you have a small site. So, I decided to go back to WordPress. 

Why the  Re-branding?

I have always been a digital marketing consultant. But, this year decided to focus on SEO solely.  I launched an SEO consulting business with Andy Chadwick. This move will help me align my services with my consultancy better.

What's the brand story?

You add value. It’s what you do. You add value to clients and their products and their profits through SEO. But what is value? How do we show it at a first sight? That's where the letters of your name come in...

Simple but effective...

"We’re just changing what we see as the letters. We’re taking out the ‘t’ and replacing it with a ‘+’ mark."

Plus, Plus everywhere!

Do you see it?

Hint: Plus is in the middle of the four core SEO services 🤗

Website concept

"This is where your brand really comes alive. It’s strong. It’s bold. It’s big. And you can’t forget it."

Let's check it out!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my new site. I appreciate any feedback.  You can also Tweet me @Suganthanmn Click the link below or the PLUS above to visit the website.  Thank you 🙏🙏🙏