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BrandMentions – The Smart Way to Monitor Your Brand & Competitors – Review


Brand monitoring is the latest buzz in digital marketing. Of course, SEO will always be important, but understanding and redefining the way Google and users see your brand is highly valuable. Brand mention is the latest metric to measure the brand authority and manage the reputation of any business. With every mention that somebody makes, your brand gets more exposure and visibility. Which could also mean better user experience, happier customers and more revenue.

To hear and find out what everybody is talking about your brand, is neither easy nor fast. That’s where BrandMentions comes to rescue. BrandMentions is a brand monitoring tool designed to track and engage in online conversations in real time. It’s an asset for marketers, business owners, public figures, influencers, people that what to thrive in their business.

Works great for spying on your competitors, managing your brand reputation, media & brand monitoring, content marketing and much more. It is an innovative tool for web and social monitoring that works great.

I use this tool a lot and, today I will cover some of the main use cases and highlight some of the ways you can use BrandMentions for your brand.

  1. Gain Instant Insights About Any Business
  2. Identify Business Opportunities
  3. Perform Efficient Web and Social Listening
  4. Keep Your Company’s Online Reputation in Your Control

Gain Instant Insights About Any Business You’d Like

BrandMentions will show you instant web and social mentions about your business or anything you’re interested in. From Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest to Instagram mentions, you’ll get all the social mentions in one place.


Set your preferred time frame and search for the mentions. For more accurate and relevant mentions, create filters and curate the results.

Aside from this, you can also automatically generate a weekly graphic that visually shows your brand’s performance, which can help you detect the most productive days in terms of web and social mentions.

Identify Business Opportunities

BrandMentions can help you spot new trends, find out more about the competition, discover influencer and give you a head start when managing crisis situations. You can search for whatever topic you’d like to explore its trendings and get some inspiration. Based on the gathered mentions you can find new business opportunities and elaborate proposals, establish new collaborations and in the end monetise the deal.

Below you can see an example of the mentions tracked in the tool for a certain topic. The number of mentions started to increase at the end of 2018 and nowadays continue to have lots of mentions on web and social.


Having the opportunity to know everything that been said anywhere on the web, it can help you make faster and better business decisions. Access to this kind of information will bring you lots of advantages to your business.

Brand mentions will be the future of link building because they are essential to a site’s authority. Mentions can be easily transformed into links. Using BrandMentions will literally take one click to uncover all your unlinked mentions. Look for the Unlinked mention filter and get a list with all the possible new links to your website.


Have Efficient Web and Social Listening

Social listening means more than brand monitoring. Not only responding to comments and reviews; it is about gaining insights from social conversations and using them in your marketing strategy. Efficient web and social listening mean filtering the relevant mentions and extracting knowledgable information for making smarter business decisions.

BrandMentions is an effective web and social listening tool. The latest improvement – Quality Filter, allows the software to curate the mentions and show you only the one that are the most relevant for you.


Besides this awesome automatic filtering option, you’ll have lots of settings to create segments and review even more relevant mentions.


For example, if you want to see results related to domain metrics, select filters for mentions that come from high authority domains and have a positive impact, a high performance and so on.


As soon as you have all the information, it will be easier to implement an accurate and strong digital marketing strategy.

Keep Your Company’s Reputation in Your Control

Brand reputation can influence your whole business. A positive brand reputation builds trust and loyalty. Customers will have more confidence in your services and in your whole brand and can influence others to try your services.


BrandMentions helps everyone keep track of what others think and say about the brand. For each individual mention, you have the possibility to see the Sentiment Analysis – a metric that can tell whether the author gives good or bad reviews so that the Sentiment Analysis will be positive, negative, neutral or unknown.


On top of that, you can look at the Performance Score, which shows how important a mention is. It is calculated based on the total number of shares and the page’s domain influence.

Pricing details

BrandMentions pricing starts at $49 month. Higher tier plans give you more features, and if you’re a small company, I recommend getting the basic package and test it out and upgrade as you go. If you’re a well-established company, then you should go for the higher tier packages.


BrandMentions Pricing table


Tracking mentions is vital to your brand reputation and it can be easier to get honest feedback about your business. BrandMentions makes things even more natural and intuitive. You get a list of more accurate and relevant mentions about everything you’re interested in, starting with your brand, and looking all the way to topics, competitors and more.

More than that, you can find out new business opportunities, new link ideas, and generate revenue in the end. For all of that, you can use BrandMentions. After all, the tool digs every corner of the internet to find all the relevant mentions about anyone or anything in a heartbeat.

Note: I’m not affiliated with BrandMentions and didn’t receive any incentives to write this review.

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