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Why AccuRanker is the best Rank tracker



If you’re in the SEO game, you know the importance of tracking your keyword rankings. It will help you get a clear picture of the SEO campaign progress and rank fluctuations over time. Using this information you can tweak your campaigns for the best outcome. Rank tracking also helps you with reporting as your clients can also see the progress of the campaigns. It’s no secret that there are many rank tracking tools in the market, and I have used pretty much every one of them. Recently I heard about AccuRanker and was lucky to get hold of their lifetime Appsumo deal. After testing it for a few weeks, I realised it was so much better than most of the other tools.

So, I decided to write a review in case anyone is looking to signup to this tool. My goals to focus on all the core features so you can make an informed decision when subscribing to the service.


AccuRanker is a fast, accurate keyword rank tracker that provides insights for SEO professionals, agencies and businesses alike.


Up-to-date data

Track keywords for multiple search engines

AccuRanker supports Google, Bing and YouTube for keyword tracking, so you can easily monitor your website performance and compare it between search engines. If you run a YouTube channel, you get detailed information about where your videos rank in YouTube search. AccuRanker also fetches all videos on your channel and shows you ranking data for Google and Bing.

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The latest keyword data is available every 24-hours or on-demand with the instant refresh button. Historical data allows customers to monitor trends over time via an intuitive dashboard.


The ranking table gives a snapshot of your keyword performance. You can see the current rankings, the previous day, week, months rankings and even compare it to prior timelines.


You can track individual keyword performance by checking its history. AccuRanker will record both landing page changes and featured snippets along with your average position.

Customised data display

The API means that customers can display and export information on keywords however they want.

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Easy to get set up

AccuRanker makes it easy for customers to connect via third-party integrations, including Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Search Console.


Third-party integration makes AccuRanker a very powerful tool as you can easily share ranking data across different platforms easily.


My favourite integration is Google data studio. It’s easy and works great.


Customisable reports can be sent on-demand or automatically to provide the latest data, and updated information, to colleagues and clients alike.


Notes feature

AccuRanker allows users to add notes to certain keywords so that they can return at a later date and remind themselves what steps they took to optimise content, and what the results were.


You can add notes marking important events. It’s similar to Google analytics annotations.

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Tagging, filtering and segmenting

Tags allow customers to categorise keywords, while filters mean it’s possible to select a combination of metrics to zero-in on a specific set of data, for example by search volume and ranking position, before saving this ‘segment’ for future use by your team. Crucial for those who have a large number of keywords, or multiple data points to consider.


You can add a filter to your view and even save it as a custom segment.


In this example, I have added a SERP featured snippet and saved it as a segment so I can easily update my rankings by selecting the custom segment.

Local to global

AccuRanker’s software monitors keyword performance at any scale – from national to street-level. This means that insights are useful for SEO strategies that focus on audiences of any size – local, regional, national or global.

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You can track rankings on a global scale with Accuranker.

Mobile & Desktop rankings

As you know with the mobile-first index world search results can be different in desktop and mobile. So, it’s important you are able to track this and optimise accordingly. AccuRanker does this flawlessly and has a segmentation option. Another cool thing about this feature is you can use the same credit for both mobile and desktop tracking.


You can segment and split rankings by Desktop and Mobile.

Competitor features

AccuRanker allows users to monitor and track competitors, with lists that show top competitors in organic rankings, and how they perform in comparison. The Share of Voice feature explains customer’s share of organic traffic for their targeted keywords.


Share of voice feature.

Spot opportunities and threats

The software shows which SERP features are available for certain keywords, both for Google and YouTube,so they can be targeted in order to boost your organic visibility. Average rank acts as an early-warning system if your keyword performance is dipping.


AccuRanker shows SERP Features for your keywords.


Shows which type of SERP feature as well.


Access to all of AccuRanker’s features starts from just $79 a month and includes 1,000 keywords. There are various plans up to 500,000 keywords, and the larger the plan, the lower the cost per keyword. In my opinion, the pricing is competitive when compared to other trackers but AccuRanker provides better features, and it’s more polished. There is also a 14-day trial if you want to try it out before buying.

Improvements and conclusion

The SERP features preview is currently a dummy mockup image. It would be great if they can show an actual render so it will save a lot of time and effort to see the actual SERP feature results.

I can highly recommend AccuRanker. Please note it’s your responsibility to trial the tool before making a purchase. I’m not responsible for any losses incurred due to your decisions. Please test the tool before you buy. Thanks.

Disclaimer: I’m a brand ambassador for AccuRanker. I do not receive incentives to write this review. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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